Healing the planet and ourselves in the twilight of the Kali Yuga

Thursday, 25 September 2014

We are living in the age of the Kali Yuga – the Dark Age. We will transition out of this Dark Age in the year 2025. Whether a new and vitally needed Renaissance of consciousness will accompany this cosmological transition remains to be seen. It is clear, however, that the current paradigm makes the solutions to society’s problems dangerous to the survival of the world as we know it. The pursuit of cures, in the broadest sense, instead of freeing the world, actually threatens the foundations upon which our world currently rests.

To understand the true nature of the cure as it manifests itself in the world, one must first understand the difference between private agendas and public rhetoric, the honne and the tatamae of the oligarchs of society, who are referred to by many names: neo-liberals, globalists, the CFR crowd, or the New World Order. Once one fully grasps the sheer scope of the chasm between the former and latter, the reality that the race for a cure is happening on a treadmill becomes abundantly clear. This shift in consciousness represents the rubicon for understanding the world we live in today. This awareness forever changes the entire shape and color of the universe of possibility for economic, political, social, cultural, and spiritual change.

Nowhere is the race for the cure more prevalent than in energy and medicine; the former to address the dependency on fossil fuels (which is a myth in itself), the latter to treat the diseases of “modern civilization” (cancer, heart disease, “AIDS”, etc.). In the energy sector, food, water and air pollution, soil degradation, rising sea levels and glacial melt represent the scope of the scourge of “modern civilization”. Coal mining, hydraulic fracturing, and systems designed around their use represent the causes of this scourge. Jevon’s Paradox illustrates how the resource depletion conundrum will only accelerate, regardless of the types of fuel used (coal, natural gas, etc.), so long as they exist within a system based on the scarcity of limited resources.

On the medical front, the dogged pursuit of an atomic model of treatment of symptoms rather than causes, and the skepticism of the effectiveness of prevention and lifestyle changes (e.g. nutritional supplements are useless despite ongoing mineral depletion of top soil; organic foods are no better than conventionally grown crops in spite of the demonstrated carcinogenic effects of ingestion of pesticides at parts per million levels) ensures the preservation of the status quo. This is why, for example, the race for the cure for cancer is the longest race in the history of man, with no end in sight. Indeed, there is no finish line; there are only breakthroughs that require further research and bridge fuels that will get us to the next abundant form of energy. Clean coal, clean nuclear, etc., act as innovations, while wind, electric, and the like serve as supplemental sources. This is of course an elaborate shell game designed to enrich a select few, much like the “all of the above strategy” to energy independence. Hence the saying, “More people live off cancer than die of it.” This is the epitome of linear rather than synergistic thinking. The Laws of Thermodynamics are just such a linear paradigm, coherent only in a closed system, mistakenly applied to the limitless possibility of nature. The entire universe is an open system, replete with infinite energy potential.

Why? There are many answers to this question, but one of the most illustrative was made famous by JP Morgan’s question to Nikola Tesla about an invention of his that would provide free energy to everyone, without wires: “If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?”. Tesla’s answer was of course that you could not put a meter on it, which is why Morgan instead backed Edison and helped to destroy Tesla’s life, leaving him destitute and ostracized at the time of his death. It is worth mentioning parenthetically that JP Morgan’s legacy in this regard (along with his role in the Knickerbocker Crisis of 1907, Black Tuesday of 1929 and the resulting Great Depression of the 1930s and 40s, culminating in one of the great transfers of wealth in history) is a fact worth considering if you do your banking at CHASE – or any bank for that matter.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy of the current state of the world is that it is entirely unnecessary and based on a fraud of global proportions. Scarcity of cures, natural resources, and technology are engineered as an intentional effort to preserve the existing order. As such, the ideas promulgated here seek to reject the notion that civilization moves through time and space in a linear fashion. Instead, it possesses a cyclical nature, moving through periods of enlightenment followed by inevitable decline. But make no mistake, the solutions and ability to eradicate the problems of “modern civilization” exist today and have existed for many years. This simple fact is known by some, unknown by most, and simply not believed by still many more. What is more disturbing and impossible for most people to accept is that the challenges of “modern civilization” are a contrivance, spun from the soiled cloth of deception. Pollution-free abundant energy, clean water, clean air, mineral rich soil, the eradication of heart disease, cancer, “AIDS” and starvation are all possible today. However, the cure to these problems is paradoxically a threat to our very existence.

Indeed, the very shape and character of society itself is built around avoiding the cure at all costs. Eisenhower captured a glimpse of this phenomenon years ago, warning against the rise of the military industrial complex, but he was only observing the periphery. It is not merely war or financial aggrandizement that is sought – or the power associated with the ability to “successfully” engage in it – but the total domination, pacification and control of the people of the world. The current global socio-economic system only allows for the creation of profit through treatments, in the broadest sense of the term, not solutions or cures. It is nearly impossible to “put a meter” on a cure once society understands that it can provide cures for itself.

The “failure of imagination” ironically described by the Bush administration in the aftermath of the 9/11 false flag attacks is the very thing that makes our civilization incapable of the paradigm shift necessary to take advantage of the cure. The cognitive dissonance resulting from embracing the reality that the average person is completely unaware of is too enormous an idea for many to accept. This is in large part facilitated by the unprecedented cooperation and coordination between the government and the corporate sector, which at an earlier time in our history used to be referred to as fascism. Today we use euphemisms like “innovative business solutions” and “mutually beneficial public-private partnerships.” This lack of imagination is evidence of the repressive desublimation rampant in the consciousness of the mind of man in the advanced industrial and technological era. Chris Hedges describes this phenomenon well when he observes the nature of society: “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” The reality is that neither do we want nor could we even accept that the cure has existed since before the dawn of civilization. In short, the cure would destroy civilization as we know it. There are many who are aware of the existence of the cure, but most remain ignorant of its existence, facilitated by the difficulty and hardship of daily life, and the many shiny objects of pacification and entertainment hoisted upon us at every turn.

One of the most obvious obstacles to taking advantage of the cure is that the people who have developed and attempted to market the cure invariably end up dead or bereft of means for their efforts. The perpetrators of these crimes go by many names and hold a “let the devil take the hindmost” attitude about the have-nots. But what is most germane here is that their very existence depends upon our ignorance, apathy, willingness to support, or belief in the status quo. Therefore, the problem is not one of scientific development and innovation; it is one of suppression of consciousness and denial of facts. What is desperately needed today is a Fifth Column (or outside forces with means), that is willing to disseminate and share the cure with everyone, anonymously and freely, so that the cure becomes a virus to the status quo and invades every part of its structure and begins to attrit its core function, which is to prevent the cure from being widely known and utilized. For if we do not, we will drift quietly off into oblivion. In the words of Rosa Luxembourg, “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.”



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